is a platform for the prime members for the activation of the Prime video application on smart TV. Being everything ready like Account of Amazon Prime, Application Installed on the Smart TV, etc one can activate it by just performing some steps visiting this webpage. If we talk about the features of Amazon Prime then it includes
1. Free Video Subscription
2. Free Shipping
3.Fast Shipping
4. More Offers as well as cashback.


All offers are hardly available on any platform. But Amazon is the only site or replace providing such a vast variety of branches for its customers. As we discussed earlier, let’s take a look over how to make things simpler for the activation of on your smart TV.

To make the Amazon prime account ready with the purchase of Prime Video

  • The first step towards creating an account on Amazon is visiting the
  • In the upper right corner a small window is present, press the mouse click on the Sign-in button available in that window
  • Then click on Add account and after that click on ‘Create your Amazon Account’
  • Now you will fill a form with details like Your Name, Email Address, and creation of a password.
  • Then press the ‘Create an Amazon account’
  • Verify the account by filling the OTP box with a 6 digit OTP sent on your Email.
  • Then again click on the ‘Create an Amazon account’
  • Now you will reach on the Amazon shopping website with your account sign in
  • Go to the left upper corner and click on the All button and then click on the button
  • Select the prime plan according to 1,6 months or a year
  • Now look for any available offer and purchase it by your card

To Make your Tv ready for the activation of Prime Video

  • Turn on your Tv and navigate to the play store using your remote
  • Open the Playstore or any store available for your TV
  • Search in it and click on the same application after appearing.
  • Locate the download/Install button and take the pointer out there and press the ok button on your remote
  • After the successful installation, visit the app panel and find the particular installed app
  • Open the app and wait until the language selection screen appears
  • After it appears, select the language as English(United States)
  • Then click continue or next to any of these options available there.
  • Now a screen appears telling you the steps for the activation with an activation code for
  • But understanding it becomes difficult so we have explained all that stuff down in our content

Activation of the using mobile and a web browser

Activation is the last step in our journey for starting on your Tv. This step can be performed using any device having access to the web browser. So we considered mobile phone suitable for this. Now let’s see. But before that

What is the activation code for Prime video?

Many of the users are unable to know what actually activation code is. The answer to this is, It is a 6 digit number given by on your TV to link your account to your Smart Tv. If the activation code mismatches then the activation process needs to be repeated. So one must be careful while entering the activation code.

Now about the activation of

  • For activation, take your android mobile phone and open the internet browser
  • Search the link in it
  • Web page appears, here you will enter the email address as well as password and enter the sign-in button
  • Then enter the activation code and click on the Register Device.
  • Now the TV screen changes and the amazon prime video display is visible for you
  • Click on various shows or movies and enjoy them with your family or friends